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As a business owner, you’ve probably been bombarded with stale referral programs from all sorts of companies. Those companies, in turn, have hounded you and your clients with numerous calls and emails. Don’t worry. There’s a better way. By partnering with Safestreet, you’re not getting a referral program. You’re partnering with a team that understands that you are a professional who builds strong relationships with your clients.SafeStreets will help you protect and connect your clients.

But here’s the kicker we’re going toward you appropriately, like a pro. Our exclusive partnership with ADT allows you to give your clients the gift of smart security. With ADT monitoring and state-of-the-art products, you will be providing your customers with the best security experience in the industry. We call it the Safe Streets five-star experience. Not only will you be able to gift your customer tremendous value, but we are also going to reward you with up to $350 per connection. It’s as simple as sharing your link. When the customer clicks the link, they input their name and number to gain access. As a business owner, you are a pro.

But we still made it simple. With the most robust offering in the industry, you will have your client’s attention. And by making the process super easy, you won’t lose their attention. You can do all this and your customer has no upfront costs. It’s not a bait and switch. It’s a genuine partnership that compensates for value. Safestreet also provides a portal allowing you to track the progress of your client’s installation. We want to make sure you get your rewards quickly.

This program benefits everyone involved the client, the business owner, and us. It’s a win-win. By providing your client with ADT life safety, they’re getting the industry’s best products and the industry’s best installation. With Safe Streets, your gift provides them with unmatched safety and a five-star experience. Fill out the form and a Safe Streets Partner account manager will contact you and help build a custom program for you and your clients. Here are a few other reasons why SafeStreets is the top choice for ADT partner programs:

  • SafeStreets is the most recognized ADT home security partner in the country.
  • Our national footprint covers 90% of the country and includes a same-day model that gets us in and out of your door before you know it. 
  • Our business model equips you with the ability to focus on sales and growing your business while we handle all the backend operations.
  • Our 5-star install service will keep your customers satisfied long after you leave their home. 
  • Our Partner program offers top-of-the-line administrative support, industry-leading technology, custom sales platforms, CRMS, and annual events. 
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If you are looking to become an ADT Authorized Provider, SafeStreets is the top choice for you! As the most recognized and trusted ADT Authorized Provider, we pride ourselves on empowering our dealers. We will train you, guide you, and support you, no matter what you need. Together, we can help you build your customer base and sell home security like you never have before. Everything you need to make your business a success is at SafeStreets.



Sterling Clark

VITL Power

Colin Herald

Get Secured Inc

Arturo Moran

TPC Home Security

Working with SafeStreets has transformed our business. Over my 16 years in door-to-door sales, I've never seen a company so dedicated to customer satisfaction. SafeStreets' commitment to follow-up and seamless installations within days, not weeks, is unparalleled. Their high standards and consistent performance have not only built trust with our clients but also boosted our referrals and business growth. With over 100,000 five-star reviews and a nationwide presence, SafeStreets truly stands out in the industry. If you want to elevate your sales and customer experience, SafeStreets is the way to go.

Sterling ClarkVITL Power

The number one reason for anyone to join SafeStreets are the people." "They genuinely have a passion for both what they do, and for our success as a dealer.

Brad AdamsM2 Marketing

If you’re looking for an organization that will exceed your expectations then join the SafeStreets team. I’ve worked with a handful of dealerships and no other organization can even compare to the level of care and attention I have received from SafeStreets since day one. My wife and I needed an organization that would support us and allow us to focus on what we do best which is selling, and they’ve done just that. For example, they handle the installations and technicians professionally and immediately. They are on top of everything, if there is ever an issue (which there has been very few) they handle it right away. If you’re looking for an organization that you can trust to fund your accounts on time, correct mistakes immediately, take you seriously no matter how big or small your organization is, treat every customer like they matter and most importantly an organization that believes in you and wants you to become a massive success then Join SafeStreets, because they will give you the resources you need to reach your ultimate business goals. Joining their dealer program is by far the BEST business decision our company has ever made, no exaggeration!

Ryan MelchioneBreakthrough Security Services
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